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Even though Ireland is world renowned for our hospitality, our heritage, our culture, and the Craic, we are still missing a trick: We don’t seem to want to acknowledge our Independence Day declared on the 21st January 1919 and achieved through a peaceful, lawful 32-county election the year before.

That’s about to change. We had great fun last year and this year we’ll have even more!

Please make sure you sign up to be kept in the loop about the 21st January. We will have a full day of events and fun, all for free.

By doing so, you’ll be first to hear about all the exciting events and all the entertainers of the day.

We even have our sights on setting a new World Record, and we would like you to be part of making Irish history. There’s a great cultural economic, social, and societal case for Ireland celebrating its Independence and Sovereignty

Plus, as a thank you, you’ll also have a chance to win some really great prizes as we get closer to the 21st.

The general economic benefits to tourism and small business that a dedicated cultural event and bank holiday would bring

We can leverage our Celtic identity and history as a nation: This could be an even bigger tourism and diaspora event than Saint Patrick’s Day!

Enhanced Tourism, Diaspora engagement Foreign Investment & Trade: Ireland & America

America & Ireland have an Incredible shared history and our American cousins were even mentioned in the Proclamation.

Emerging / future global partners: BRIC countries

India & Ireland have an incredible shared history (& shared flag colours) we even shared part of our constitutions!

Our history & cultural identity is poorly understood and taught in schools.

Irish people simply don’t know their history or appreciate their incredible heritage. Consider 1916, the 1918 election, the 1919 Sovereign Constitution, the 1916 Moore street site being poorly protected, The O’Rahilly House being destroyed.

We need to cherish and protect our cultural identity and appreciate being Irish just as much as our neighbours appreciate their cultures

After a few very hard years, Ireland needs and deserves an Independence Day, a family friendly party and a reason to celebrate.

Come celebrate your heritage, and your family’s Sovereignty at Ireland’s Independence Day, Saturday January the 21st 2023, 12 Noon at the Mansion House

All are welcome to this family friendly celebration

We are a group of volunteers endeavouring to promote the Old Irish Culture, to celebrate our Cultural Heritage and to educate our Sovereign People about the Importance of the 21st January, our Independence Day which was airbrushed from our history. Our promise is to have 21st of January every year from now on, a truly amazing day consisting of, but not limited to, Family-Friendly events.

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